Dipper from the Water of Leith

short wildlife documentary
15 minutes

director: Krzysztof Kubik
camera: Krzysztof Kubik
producer: Karolina Mazur

The film tells the story of white-throated dipper, whose survival is written by the ever-changing seasons. Our hero, whose natural habitat is the forest and river, shares his space with other birds such as: robin, blackbird and kingfisher. Beside the murmur of the river, dipper, like his neighbours, indulges in the rhythms of nature, seeking a partner, building a nest and foraging. All of these activities take place in the beautiful natural setting, but the domain of wildlife is not all peace and harmony, danger also is found lurking nearby.
Images are adjusted by the rhythm of the seasons, autumn leaves fall, and river freezes, and then comes the thaw. Among these changing conditions of nature, dipper, like his neighbours ‘must remain vigilant…

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